Jamie Strassenburg

Illustrator   Web Developer

Featured Illustrations

  • Ephemeral
  • Sun Sister Malina
  • Ephemeral
  • Ephemeral

   These are only the recent highlights of my portfolio. Browse my projects to see more of my work!

My style is  

As an introverted intuitive, my style naturally gravitates toward expressive figures.

Recent Projects

As an unabashed bookworm, I’m compelled by storytelling. I enjoy collaborating and breathing life into ideas, so here are a few of my visual development projects.

Eskimo Belief Series

A visual exploration of the Native American arctic culture spanning from Alaska to eastern Canada. The series explores their storytelling traditions and god myths.

Like What?

  • Sedna

    Goddess of the Sea controls sea life, storms, and the tides

  • Aurora Spirits

    Human ghosts’ path to the afterlife creates the aurora borealis

  • Sun Sister, Moon Brother

    The story behind why the moon chases the sun across the sky

  • And more...

    The series currently has nine myth figures. See their illustrations & stories ►

Medical Education: Kidneys

Educational series of illustrated articles for patients going through dialysis, CKD, kidney transplant & more. Created for Dr. G the nephrologist.

Sounds cool

  • Infographics

    Combination of vector/raster

  • UI Design

    Developed web interface, implemented article & resource content

  • Branding

    Mascot design “Miss Kidney”, project color palette, logo… I created this project from the ground floor

  • Copy Writing

    Spiced up Dr. G’s clinical style by re-writing her articles

Let’s Work Together


Raster, Vector, 3D Models
BFA Illustration CSULB

Web Developer

Design & Development since 2002
PSD Mockups, Branding
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP

Photoshop Tutor

Single or group lessons
Focus in digital painting, photo editing
Can provide tablet

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